This Education and Training System addresses Knowledge, Understanding, Application and Integration,
which are the four main domains of Learning for all generations, right down to generation Z!
The Quail (also pronounced as 'Kuail') is a medium-sized New World Game Bird.

What does it mean spiritually?

In the positive sense,
it symbolizes Abundance, Action, Awareness, Community,
Confidence, Courage, Instinct, Nourishment, Opportunity,
Peace, Protection, Solutions, Support.


To be a transformational network of ethical Teachers and Learners who share the fruits of knowledge and prosperity with those who aspire to endure and succeed


To Enable and Empower Teachers to Enrich Students in relevant domains of learning whilst they also Enrich themselves both intellectually and financially in a collaborative environment and thus Evolve freely


Founder's Note

The Launch of The KUAILZ Education and Training System is a culmination of not just a dream but a long desire to give back to society and all the wonderful people in our lives who turned small-town children into not just successful but blessed and happy people! We also want to pay it forward to the future custodians of our planet in the hope that they would help to make this world a better place!

The KUAILZ family will comprise of ethical, knowledgeable and experienced folks from all genders and all walks of life, all capabilities and challenges, who can have a positive impact on our society and the future of our world.


The founders have pledged to donate all profits earned by them

 (by way of memeberships , advertisments and Partnerships ) to charitable organizations .

The Pioneers



Lorraine and Elstan Fernandez


mahesh patil

Mahesh A. Patil

advisory Board

Deelip Amolic

Leadership Advisor

Rajib Jena

Leadership Advisor

Mohini Sudumbrekar

Academic Advisor

Julian Anthony

IT Advisor

Kunal Sarpal​

Legal Advisor