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HSC (Mah Board), ICSE, CBSE All Subjects Classes 1 to 12
Supermind Self Study Program for Maharashtra State Board and CBSE

Egyptian History
Persian History
World History

Engineering Mathematics
ITT JEE Mathematics
Mathematics for 11th and 12th ISCE
Mathematics for 11th and 12th CBSE

Biology for Classes 8 to 10
HSC, CBSE and NEET Biology
HSC, CBSE and NEET Botany
HSC, CBSE and NEET Zoology
Zoology for Classes 11 and 12


The Experts that you choose under each course can be directly contacted for the course information.
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Art Restoration and Preservation

Stress Management
Weight Management

Cyber Compliance
Cyber Crime Investigation
Cyber Security for Banks
Cyber Security for Corporates
Cyber Security for Home Devices and Networks
Cyber Security for Hospitals
Digital Evidence
Digital Forensics
Mobile Forensics
Safety Precautions
Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Motorcycle Design and Surface Design
Motorcycle Design and Motorcycle Mechanics

Effluent Treatment
Energy Auditing in Commercial Buildings
Energy Auditing in Hotels
Energy Auditing in Hospitals
Energy Auditing in Industries
Energy Auditing in Ships
Energy Saving and Natural Resource Management in Homes
Environmental Audits of Educational Institutes and Campuses

Computerized Numerical Control
Energy Management
Predictive Maintenance

Entrepreneurship as a Career Option
Entrepreneurship Leadership
Entrepreneurial Marketing in IT Startups
Structuring Lean Startups

Gas and Liquid Analysis Course 2

Business Plans and Financial Modelling
Business Support Services : Accounting, Taxation, Audits and Business Advisory
ESOP Advisory
Financial Modelling
Financial Planning and Investing
Life Insurance Agent Development
Personal Insurance
Pitch Deck Consulting
Valuations and Fundraising for Startups

Hospitality Cost Control
Implementation of Processes in Hospitality
Restaurant Management

Beyond Engineering Skills in Todays World

Building a High Performance Team using Skills Matrix

Content Writing

Data Visualization

Developing Teams using Skills Matrix

Fundamentals of Testing Methodologies

Internet of Things

IT Consultancy in Oracle

Risk Management in IT Projects

Sales and Marketing of Software Solutions

Software Project Management

Software Testing and Related QA Methodologies

Software Testing, Then and Now

Condition Monitoring
Gas and Liquid Analysis Course 1

Civil Litigation and Evidence
Conference Skills
Criminal Litigation
General Law
Intellectual Property Law / Rights Legal Framework
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Opinion Writing and Drafting
Professional Ethics
Resolution of Disputes Out of Court (ADR)

Inventory Management
Plant Logistics
Supply Chain Management

Marine Electrical Engineering - Automation and Control - Container Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - Automation And Control - Tankers
Marine Electrical Engineering - Automation and Control for Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - Container Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - General for all Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - Hazardous Areas for Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - High Voltage
Marine Electrical Engineering - Tankers
Marine Electrical Engineering - Tech Support - Container Ships
Marine Electrical Engineering - Tech Support - Tankers
Marine Engineering - General

Introduction to Film Making
Mass Communication
Screenplay Writing

Human Anatomy and Physiology
Medical and Para Medical Courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Genetics) 1st year UG

Building and Repair of Boats
Class and Flag Surveys
Project Management for Shipbuilding
QA QC or the QHSE for Shipbuilding

Lean Basics and Manufacturing Excellence

Boat Survey and Safety Audit
Marina Management (Planning, Operation and Maintenance)

Electric Vehicles


The Experts that you choose under each course can be directly contacted for the course information.
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Organic Farming
Watershed Management

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

E-Waste Management
Greening Projects
Rain Water Harvesting

Cake Decorating
Ricepaste Flowers
Sugar Flowers
Wedding Cakes

Engineering Drawing

Photography - Advertisements

Photography - Automotive

Photography - Fashion


The Experts that you choose under each course can be directly contacted for the course information.
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Administrative Office Procedures
Administrative Support
Archiving and Records Management
Basic Bookkeeping
Business Writing
Collaborative Business Writing
Meeting Management
Organizational Skills
Social Media in the Workplace

7 Habits of Highly Successful People
Anger Management
Agility and Humanity
Beating Procrastination
Becoming an ICF Certified Coach
Becoming Employable
Behavioral Training
Business Strategy
Career Mentoring
Celebrity Coaching
Children and Parent Orientation
Collaboration and Team Building Skills
Conflict Resolution
Create Your BEST Future
Creative Design Thinking
Culture Building
Curate Your Unique Strengths
Employee Engagement
Essential Skills for the 21st Century
Executive Coaching
Executive and Personal Assistants
High Impact Presentations
Industry Expectations
Interview Preparation
Life Skills (with specific emphasis on Empathy)
Mentoring and Coaching
Mid-Career Coaching
Motivation to Catalyze Your Extraordinary Potential
Moving Up / Sideways in Corporate Life
Negotiation Skills
New Manager Development Programs
Personal Branding
Personality and Character Development
Positive Attitude
Positivism And Creative Mindset
Productive Communication at the Workplace
Professional Secretarial Practice
Progressive Teamwork
Self Awareness and Compassion Quotient
Self Motivation & Discipline
Skill Enhancement
Strengthening Couple Relationships
Strengths Psychology
Successful Interviewing Skills
That Dose of Motivation
Time Management Skills
Train the Trainer
Unknot the NOT (C)

Advanced & Basic Communication Skills
Basics of Business Communication
Business Communication Skills
Conversational English
Communication Skills
Customer Service
Effective Communication
Group Discussion
Inter-personal Communication Skills
Linkedin Profile Building
Listening Skills
Self Introduction
Telephone Etiquette
The Power of Storytelling (in Business and Otherwise)
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Anger Management
Behavioral Counseling upto Class 12
Career Counselling
Career Counseling Class 9 to 12
Personal Counselling
Professional Counselling
Sports Psychology
Student Counselling

Confidence Building
Corporate Grooming and Image Management
Dining Etiquette
First Impressions
General Etiquette in Public Places
Health and Nutrition
Image Consulting
Performance Elevation
Personality and Character Development
Pre-wedding Package

Business Succession Planning
Contract Management
Crisis Management
Employee Onboarding
Employee Recruitment
Employee Termination Process
Generation Gaps
Health and Wellness at Work
Hiring Strategies
Human Resources Management
Measuring Results From Training
Millennial Onboarding
Talent Management
Workplace Diversity
Workplace Harassment
Workplace Violence

Corporate Leadership
Corporate Leadership at a Young Age
Critical Thinking
Invisible Leadership
Leadership Agility
Leadership Coaching
Leadership Mindset and Thinking
Strategy and Vision Development
Think on Your Feet

Business Analytics
Change Management
Conflict Management
Continuous Improvement
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics
Cross Cultural Management
Customer Centricity
Daily Work Management
Design Thinking
Design Thinking for Innovation
Employee Engagement
High Performance Teams
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management in Hi-Tech Organisations
International Business Management
International HRM
Leadership Management
Management Skills
Marketing Management
Marketing Research
New Manager Boot Camp
Organisational Behaviour
Organisational Development
People Management Skills
Principles and Practices of Management
Problem Solving
Process Excellence
Productivity and Performance Management
Project Management
Services Management
Situational Management
Strategic Human Resources Management
Talent Acquisition
Team Bonding
Time Management skills

Neuro Linguistic Programming - Beginning to Master (The Awakening)

Decoding Gender: Understanding Our Masculine & Feminine Energies
Expectation Vs. Reality
Success on Your Terms
The Parenting Roller-Coaster: Managing Work, Family & Life

Adult Learning - Mental Skills
Adult Learning - Physical Skills
Attention Management
Being a Likable Boss
Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting and Getting Things Done
Improving Mindfulness
Improving Self-Awareness
Increasing Your Happiness
Job Search Skills
Life Coaching Essentials
Managing Personal Finances
Managing Workplace Anxiety
Personal Productivity
Social Learning
Social Intelligence
Taking Initiative
Work Life Balance

Practical Tips to Become an Author

Call Center Training
Coaching Salespeople
Contact Center Training
Creating a Great Webinar
Employee Recognition
Event Planning
High Performance Team Inside the Company
High Performance Team Remote Workforce
Internet Marketing Fundamentals
Marketing Basics
Media And Public Relations
Motivating Your Sales Team
Multi-Level Marketing
Overcoming Sales Objections
Proposal Writing
Prospecting and Lead Generation
Sales Fundamentals
Servant Leadership
Social Media Marketing
Top 10 Sales Secrets
Trade Show Staff Training

Appreciative Inquiry
Business Acumen
Business Ethics
Change Management
Civility in the Workplace
Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Customer Support
Delivering Constructive Criticism
Developing Corporate Behavior
Handling a Difficult Customer
Networking Outside the Company
Networking Within the Company
Risk Assessment and Management
Safety in the Workplace
Team Building for Managers
Team Work and Team Building

Youth Awareness Programs


The Experts that you choose under each course can be directly contacted for the course information.
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Business English For Communication
Cambridge English Assessment (Young Learners Program)
Occupational English Test
Pearson Test of English
Spoken English


The Experts that you choose under each course can be directly contacted for the course information.
Should there be an issue, please click on the envelope to Contact Us.

Course in Arts and Crafts for Children aged 4 yrs to Adults
Elementary and Intermediate Art

Guitar Lessons

Fitness Training
Health and Fitness
Professional Marathon