When you teach once, you learn twice!

Enable and Empower - Freedom to Teach and Learn ​

Teach at your own pace, using your own methods.
Meet-ups to network with other experts on the team.
Inter-disciplinary training for members will be encouraged.
(e.g.,Management experts may conduct programs for the benefit of all).

Enrich - Financial Freedom ​

To Enable and Empower Teachers
to Enrich Students in relevant domains of learning
whilst they also Enrich themselves both intellectually and financially
in a collaborative environment and thus Evolve freely.

Evolve - Freedom to Grow Together ​

This will be a collaborative and not a competitive environment;
Grow as we work together!
The organisation will use ethical means to promote the expertise of all members.
There will automatically be free promotion of expertise by of the members by the members for the members!

Knowledgable and experienced , positive-minded and highly motivated individuals with a collaborative mindset, can be a part of the team. Only those courses deemed fit for the betterment of the society and those that are not detrimental to National Interest, Religion, Caste or Community, as decided appropriate by the Board will be included.

Senior Citizens, the specially-abled, the homebound, entrepreneurs, self-employed, working professionals, and aspirant of all ages from 18 upwards and all of genders, shall have the lucrative opportunity to share their acquired knowledge and expertise in a collaborative and conducive eco-system that will enrich them not only financially but also intellectually.

Please Contact Us for more information and for other Terms and Conditions of Engagement.